About us


GRP TECH was established in 2015 by Metalik AD.  GRP TECH is the next step which will build upon the success the company had in the energy sector. The company relies on the synergies and knowledge of the workers, engineering staff as well as the management of both companies. Activities in the production, installation, testing and maintenance of GRP products are carried out by GRP TECH personnel certified according to European norms for handling this product, which guarantees the quality of the manufactured equipment and systems.
Despite the fact it is newly established GRP Tech has already managed to attract the most skillful experts in the GRP sector from the whole region. Engineering and project management teams have been involved in plenty of projects in the hydro-power and thermal power sectors. The company already has more than 100 workers and the production capacity is continually growing.

The production facilities are located in the town of Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) with covered production area of 2 000m2 and open area of more than 10 000m2. The quality of materials and products is tested in in-house laboratory equipped with state of the art measuring and testing devices.
METALIK on its own is specialized in maintenance and equipment manufacturing for thermal power plants. It has been involved in many reconstruction projects of Maritsa East I-III and is a major supplier of equipment for various thermal power plants around the world. Besides power equipment Metalik’s engineering and production teams are well-equipped with skills and tools to produce various custom-made steel structures and industrial equipment- ventilation fans, burners, kilns, support structures and many others.
Total ASSETS: 45 mln. EUR

Through the years very good relations were established with engineering companies such as Steinmuller Engineering, Fisia Babcock, TLT, SIEMENS, ALSTOM and many others.
More than 1000 people work in Metalik’s production facilities which are among the best equipped in the whole region.
So if you need a reliable partner for production in the South- Eastern part of Europe we believe to be the perfect match with well-trained and certified welding groups, new machines and 4 production facilities.

In order to become more competitive and serve better the needs of our clients, we believe that the professionalism of our staff is a fundamental requirement. For that reason our technical staff is certified according to TÜV-DVS 9220- Certificate of the Qualification Tests for Laminating Personnel.
Project management teams are capable of working on many projects simultaneously and installation groups have enough work-force to dispatch in multiple locations without disturbing the production scheduling. Therefore we look forward to taking on more challenging projects and establish GRP TECH as a reliable partner.