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Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastics Solutions
GRP Tech designs and manufactures glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) pipe systems and industrial equipment. Starting with material selection going through component design, stress analysis, manufacturing and installation GRP Tech is the company which will take your project from beginning to the end.
Get familiar with composite materials and their real advantages guided by GRP Tech.



GRP Stacks and Chimneys

With its corrosion and heat resistance GRP has successfully substituted for metallic stacks.

It also proves to be more economical than stainless, titanium and high nickel alloy alternatives. GRP Tech has a wide experience in variety of GRP stacks production and installation.

In some projects, field fabrication and installation are inevitable due to transport and logistics costs. This is not an issue with GRP Tech and in some cases it would be even recommended by us. Vertical winding machine and a team of trained experts will be allocated on the project site and will manufacture GRP stacks, ducts and vessels directly on site.

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